Real Estate Financing

Real Estate Financing

Dear Sir or Madam, Based in Geneva, Switzerland since 1994, the Founder of CFinancial helps you to complete your real estate acquisition by searching the borrowing solution which best suits your budget.

Whether you are a Swiss resident or frontier worker, the first thing to do before looking in the classified ads and/or real estate agencies is define your budget.

How to proceed?

You have several options. Here are a few:

1 - Several close friends of yours have just borrowed and are convinced that they can advise you on the best solution (you should avoid this at all costs unless they work in a bank, and still even then).

2 - You talk with your banker (this is already a better idea).

3 - You consult all the different banks (tedious and you need time and the desire).

4 - You request assistance from an independent broker (finally, a good idea), it’s free, you save time and money and it won’t be more expensive.
Among other advantages, brokers will present to you several borrowing proposals because they work with several banks and this will allow you to choose the solution that suits your budget.
We can offer borrowing solutions in € or in CHF (Swiss francs) provided of course that you have a Swiss income (frontier and Swiss workers).
With our real estate partners, we can also help you find your future property even in some regions of the Haute-Savoie—the region including Cluses, Annemasse, the Chablais, St-Julien-en-Genevois.
You no longer have any excuses for not requesting our services, so we hope to hear from you soon.
Yours sincerely,
The Founder & CEO

Philippe Chrisokoïdis